As the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo will match each donation dollar for dollar, the Tel Aviv Foundation is only asking for 50% of the total cost of any project.

The Hayarden School is located in the Hatikva neighborhood of south-east Tel Aviv. Over the past few years, this working-class neighborhood has been facing a new reality: African refugees and asylum-seekers who are renting inexpensive apartments in the area.

Tel Aviv Yafo is home to 60,000 impoverished refugee and foreign men, women and children (one-tenth of the city's total population). As Mayor Ron Huldai believes that humanitarian services such as education and medical aid must be provided for every person in jeopardy, regardless of their official status, the children of this unique new population are fully integrated into the public education system.

About Hayarden School

Currently, there are 360 pupils between the ages of 5-12 enrolled at the Hayarden Elementary school, which ranges from kindergarten to 6th grade.

• 55% of the children are third or fourth generation Israelis, from lower socio-economic background.

• 45% of the children are of immigrant workers or refugee families, mainly from the Republic of Sudan and Eritrea.

This school is a microcosm of a much greater phenomenon that has touched Israel in general and Tel Aviv Yafo very specifically over the past years.

For many of the children, Hayarden School is a home away from home. It is a community which nourishes the children and gives them an opportunity to thrive.

The school's mission is to ensure that its pupils receive the proper tools to assist them in becoming mainstream members of society. In order to accomplish this mission, the school:

• Maintains highly professional and devoted staff members

• Develops and delivers an academic curriculum that meets its students’ special needs

• Recruits volunteers

Hayarden attempts to equip its students with academic and life skills that will ensure that they become self-sufficient and responsible human beings. The school already provides one hot meal a day (which may be the only hot meal the children receive). Psychological guidance is arranged for students contending with abuse and violence at home and other personal issues.

A sufficiently-equipped facility will provide these students with a chance for a more balanced present and a more optimistic future. Your contributions will assist these children in attaining these goals.


A nine year old fatherless African boy lived with his grandmother while his mother worked in Israel for five years. When the boy finally arrived in Israel a few months ago, he was almost unrecognizable to his mother. He was illiterate and not well cared for. The mother enrolled her son in a first grade class at Hayarden School. Since his arrival, the boy has thrived. With help and encouragement of the staff at the Hayarden school, the boy is learning to read and write and how to adapt to life in the modern world.

After two months at the school, the boy is speaking Hebrew with his teachers and classmates and showing a positive attitude to life. Efforts are now underway to advance him to the second grade so that he will be with children of his own age.

A long path is still ahead but his laughter provides strength to keep pushing him forward.


At the school, there is a nine year old fatherless girl whose mother is Filipino and whose father was African. As the little girl bears resemblance to her father, her mother’s family will have nothing to do with her. The mother and child live alone in Tel Aviv. When the mother became seriously ill, the little girl began falling behind in her studies and displaying signs of errant behavior. This included a threat to hurt herself. Hayarden staff immediately arranged for this little girl to receive professional help and a warm home in which to stay. A few weeks after living in the fold of this warm foster home, the girl began eating, sleeping and studying again.

When her mother recovered, the two were re-united.

By Galit Yosef – school principal

The needs

In order to provide the best education and welfare for the children, the school staff wishes to build a new gym and playgrounds.

A new gym

Studies show that sports help reduce violence and channel energy, leading to improved self- control and discipline.

The current facility is old and dilapidated. There are leaks from the ceiling and the walls are peeling and cracked. As the room is not insulated, a proper air conditioning system cannot be installed. There is no locker room where the children can change their clothing and no bathroom. Therefore, the students must leave the gym in order to use the restroom, leaving them unattended.

The school sees sports as a meaningful anchor in the pupils’ adequate development and wants to promote the usage of physical fitness for therapeutic purposes. In light of the emotional condition of the school’s population and the problems of violence in the street and at home, it is of vital importance to lower the tension and defuse anger in ways that do not harm others and can even provide the for a positive learning experience. Sports assist in lowering tension and can be exploited for therapeutic activities, achievement, raising self confidence, learning experiences and more.

Hayarden understands that physical education is an essential tool for teaching pupils to live healthier, more balanced lives. For the many students who have a natural knack for sports, an adequate facility will enhance their strengths.

A new playground for kindergarten and 1st Grade

Hayarden intends to refurbish the playground for kindergarten and 1st grade and add a "playhouse” in which the pupils will be given mock situations (i.e., doctor’s office, grocery store). Role-playing will provide the students with the ability to contend with these situations in real-time. The school also wants to create a mini-garden for the different classes. The responsibility of maintaining a flourishing garden and the excitement of the sense of creation will undoubtedly serve as a spark in the children’s lives.