Even though education in Israel starts at the age of 6, most children attend some sort of pre-school; this is where A Bridge to the Holy Land begins its scholarship system.

Our main concern is to ensure that every child successfully finishes the basic schooling cycle. For that reason, our scholarship program entails a yearly follow-up on the academic performance of every child who benefits from the program.

Most of the subsidies that the Christian schools of the area receive from other institutions often lack the continuity and regularity that these children need to thrive academically.

A Bridge to the Holy Land -drawing on the expertise of our team and our knowledge of the local schools- is, for the time being, the only institution that has developed a follow-up scholarship program that will enable these children to gain a solid education and start a business by their own means.

Every year we give scholarships to 25 new students in different centers spread through the region. Each new class continues to receive this help for each new academic course so that the number of students who benefit from the program increases accordingly by 25 every year. During the last two academic years (2015-2016 and 2016-2017) we have provided an overall number of 50 grants to children between first and second grade.