The Evangelization Proyect

 Following our concern to foster a spirit of understanding and mutual respect among students from different backgrounds, and knowing how the Christian Schools of the region provide the ideal grounds for an education for peace, we have implemented this year a pilot Evangelization Projet. The objectives that this Evangelization Projet aims to meet are:

  1.  Create, raise and communicate awareness among the Christians living in thisregion; religious, consecrated, laypersons, etc.
  2. Foster involvement among the various schools, communities, churches in creating activities such as teaching catechetical programs, work camps, etc. as well as coming up with new initiatives that can better serve this purpose.
  3. Improve the average knowledge and understanding of the core principles of the Christian faith among Christian students.
  4. Training religion teachers who actively teach Christian religion at a high-school level at any educational institution.

 The final goal that this projet seeks to achieve, is to improve the quality, the transmission and reception of the teaching. A team of eight to twelve local instructors are in charge of delivering the training program throughout the upcoming academic year in 6 Christian Schools.