Our Projects in Holy Land

Latin School (Gaza)

The Latin school in Gaza serves close to a 1000 boys and girls in a coeducational context from two campuses. The Holy Family School in Remal and the Latin School in Zeituna. The two schools that are well complimented in academic services, also complement each other in terms of serving the marginalized children in Gaza with social and personal support.

The Holy family school in Remal was built in the year 2002 through funding from the Spanish Government and in the year 2012 a multipurpose hall was constructed through contributions from the John Paul II Foundation. The school is composed of four floor that adhere to all the requirements in terms of classroom facility, science and literature facilities as well as workshop and training areas for both students and teachers alike.

It important to mention that the Latin Schools in Gaza have been selected for three consecutive years as the school of excellence in academic performance where by the students from both schools scored an almost perfect mark on a national level and in main topics such as Math, English sciences and Arabic. The home environments as well as the academic achievement at Latin Schools, all reconfirm the role that these schools are playing in Gaza City and especially taking into consideration the volatile conditions that Gaza is enduring, the Latin Schools stand out as a Beacon for Hope.