Our Projects in Holy Land

Alif club (Jerusalem)

Teenagers spend most of their time at school and in their homes. Teachers and parents spare no effort to give them the best education possible paying lots of attention even to very small details. However, very often leisure time does not help young people in their formation. Club Alif has set as one of its goals helping parents in the formation of their children by organizing activities for the children in their free time. All the activities of the club give the kids a solid formation: whether it is study, sport, or other kind of games, all of them help are an opportunity to acquire and grow in the virtues.

Alif Club’s main activity is the study-time. Alif organizes a study-time with some coaches that help the kids to organize their time and tackle their daily duties. This activity helps them to become hard workers, grow in perseverance and order. Each week the members of the club also take part in the sports activities such as the training of the Alif Football Team. Sport can also be a school in virtues: besides being an attractive and fun activity, it can help them to grow in generosity, humility, perseverance and sportive spirit.

The volunteers in charge of the activities of the club are young university students that help to organize and prepare the activities with the cooperation of the parents of the children. These volunteers give every week a short talk related to some aspect of the formation of the children. The idea is to explain them in very practical terms how to be better sons, better friends, and better students. The volunteers also act like personal coaches of the children trying to help them grow-up through personal conversations with them.

This year, Club Alif’s activities had attracted an increasing number of youngsters. In order to welcome them, Alif needs to develop its facilities, and to diversify its offer. Our study room is no more able to welcome the average of 25 kids coming twice a week to our activities. There is an urgent need to enlarge it and to refurbish it (tables, chairs, lamps, shelves, and whiteboard) so that the kids could study in a suitable atmosphere.

So far, football has been, our main outdoor activity. Although it is one of the most popular sports among local teenagers, there are always some good school students that could have the feeling to be left aside if no alternative activity is offered to them. Club Alif is therefore planning to open new workshop on computer and filming skills. In order to financially support these projects we could substantially raise the membership fees, but that would prompt modest income families to quit. To avoid this, we call on to your generosity and ask for a grant.