Even though education in Israel starts when you are 6 years old, most children attend some sort of pre-school, this is where A Bridge to the Holy Land begins its scholarship system. This non – compulsory period has a 3 year duration and an estimated annual cost of 650 euros per child.

It is at 6 years old when education becomes compulsory, up to when you are 16 years old.
From the 1st to the 6th grade (Primary School) we must take into account an annual cost of
1000 euros per child.
From the 7th to the 9th grade (Middle Period) we must take into account an annual cost of
1300 euros per child.
From the 10th to the 12th grade (Secondary School), we must take into account an annual cost of
1550 euros per child.

It is from this point onwards where the scholarship holder decides the path he wants to take; he either continues with his University Studies for 3-4 years (depending on the degree he chooses), or he decides on a Technical or Vocational education.

We estimate that the annual cost for their university education would be approximately 3000 euros per year.
Likewise, the annual cost of a Vocational or Technical education is estimated to be approximately 2500 euros per year.

Postgraduate scholarships (Master´s Degrees, Doctorates) are ruled out for outstanding students.

This being a long- term project, the Bridge will create a Reserve Fund in addition to the money used for its normal operations, this Reserve Fund´s objective will be the same as an endowment; the fund when it has enough funds will actually become an endowment.  This will provide continuity for the foundation.

A Bridge to the Holy Land has a special interest not only in academic education being excellent but at the same time instilling fundamental human values, vital for achieving and maintaining a peaceful coexistence between all the inhabitants of the Holy Land.