Our Projects in Holy Land

Holy Child Program (Bethlehem)

The Holy Child Program, like the Star of Bethlehem, points to the Child as a hope for the future for children and their families in the Holy Land.

The Holy Child Program provides an intense therapeutic day treatment program and alternative education for children in the Bethlehem region in the Holy Land who suffer from untreated complex mental health issues and exposure to intergenerational trauma.

It provides an individualized program for each child to accommodate his or her unique strengths and needs. It creatively seeks to highlight and integrate the rich cultural heritage of the Holy Land through experiential learning activities such as folklore, dancing, music and food. It provides individual learning activities to facilitate each child’s return to community based education.

The program facilitates the acquisition and development of new skills, recovery and rehabilitation from trauma, builds resiliency and instills hope for the future through a community of caring committed professionals. It serves as a sanctuary of safety for the families of the region.

It is certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and is in compliance with all local educational directives. The beliefs and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church provide the framework within which the services of the Holy Child Program are offered. The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, who founded the program, continue as consultants and offer spiritual guidance.

The Program is staffed by a vibrant team of local Palestinian professionals with a deep understanding of the children’s needs. They receive regular training in different therapy modalities including behavior modification, emotion regulation skills and trauma therapy techniques. . Through close teamwork and patient perseverance in the face of unique challenges, the staff creatively develops an innovative, culturally adaptive, family-centered healing environment.

The Holy Child Program envisions expanding services through collaborative partnerships with local providers to increase the range of services being offered. Each child is part of a larger ecological system. In order to treat the child, the whole system must be must served. The Holy Child Program impacts the system at multiple levels by providing:

Certified Alternative Education program
Individual & Family Counseling
Parent Education Group
Mothers Group
Milieu Therapy
Adjunct Therapeutic Activities: Music, Animal, Dance and ArtHome visits, crisis counseling and referrals to medical and social services as needed.Summer Therapy Program.
The Holy Child Program is entirely dependent upon donations for annual operating costs. None of the families being served is able to pay full tuition and very few can even meet the token fee. The intense nature of services being provided necessitates a high child to staff ratio.

Website: www.holychildbethlehem.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolyChildProgramBethlehem